March 10, 2009

Cast, Crew & Movie Info

Director's Bio
Beadie Finzi has been working in documentaries since 1994. After making a number of films for UK Broadcasters, Beadie produced Unknown White Male, a feature documentary about a young amnesiac rediscovering his life, which was selected for Sundance and Oscar shortlisted in 2006. Beadie went on to direct The Hunger Season, an emotional essay examining the impact of humanitarian food aid. Filmed in Swaziland in Southern Africa over two years, the film was commissioned by Channel 4, NHK Japan, SBS Australia and YLE Finland. Beadie has just finished shooting and directing Only When I Dance, which charts the story of two young kids trying to dance their way out of the favelas of Rio. Beadie is one of the founding directors of the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation, a grant giving body which invests in independent documentary filmmakers.

Brazil, United Kingdom


English and Portuguese with Subtitles

Running Time
78 min

Directed by
Beadie Finzi
Produced by
Giorgia Lo Savio
Nikki Parrott
Original Music by
Stephen Hilton
Cinematography by
Beadie Finzi
Felipe Reinheimer
Film Editing by
Felipe Lacerda
Alan Levy
Sound Editor
Pip Norton
Irlan Santos de Silva
Isabela Coracy Alves Nascimento Santos
Mariza Estrella

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